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Style Sustainably!

At Zyko, we don’t only live and work globally but also design our stylish accessoires for the global citizens – Our Customers. Our style represents our passion for travel and this beautiful world.

We only produce on demand to reduce material consumption and waste. We work together with the Plastic Bank ( to collect and recycle twice the amount of plastic we use for our products and packaging. With the sales of our metal products, we donate 10% of the profit to the Fair Mining Association to support the human and environmental friendly mining of metals.

Designed in Paradise

Our whole team works and lives locally independent. So we don’t have one home base. Style has no borders, nor does our business. Each employee chooses his personal paradise, and works from there. We believe this makes our designs unique, full of passion and love for our nature.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We create our designs with love for details and for you as our partner in style. We produce them only with the highest quality of industrial 3D printing. If you are still not satisfied, rest assured you will be compensated via our money back guarantee. Just write us and give us feedback at



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